Discovering my compassion for others has led me into the world of coaching and therapy. I am a coach-therapist. 

My story has taken many turns along the way. 

As a charity worker for VSO in West Africa, my curiosity for helping others was nurtured alongside courage to see people’s reality as it was for them and not through my own lens. 

After this, I began a long career in media and training. For a period of over 15 years I worked as a journalist, producer/director in current affairs television, video producer and trainer in the charity and corporate sectors. 

Witnessing different industries and how diverse the needs of individuals and the workplace can be, I am aware of the uncertainties people navigate in their daily lives. I want to help people train their minds – like a gym work out –  to manage difficulties and inner chaos.

Why Coaching and Why Now

Being part of an industry where I reported on hard hitting current affairs stories that affected people’s lives had a huge impact on me. My ability to adapt, to empathize and to listen sharpened as did my appetite to “do more” and “be more”. I witnessed colleagues burn out due to being overworked, relationship struggles, financial insecurities, political wrangling, bullying and identity crises. I began to see the bigger picture. My time in the media, working for established brands, such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, has given me an inside track on the difficulties and pressures of “making it” and “being heard” in a competitive and sometimes unforgiving industry. I understand that this experience mirrors working culture in some corporate and charity sectors too.

I wanted to do more to help and I wanted to be more useful to others.

I am a coach-therapist (a member of the BACP Coaching Division & the AICTP) specialising in personal development coaching: coaching people in crises, in identity struggles, in conflicts with others/at work, in fear of being bullied, in difficulty with career & life goals, insecure about relationships, inability to self-care, in need of better body image & in a state of unhappiness about the future. In addition, I am a relationship and family counsellor, working for Relate and towards BACP accreditation.

I wish to help change people’s stories - the things we say, do and think about ourselves. Stories people use to describe us or associate with us can become labels and we often believe or act up to these labels. This can create unwanted/unmet expectations, pressure, disappointment, rejection, shame, guilt and fear. The negative stories in which we are perceived or perceive ourselves - can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The story you tell yourself or others give you – is the problem – not you.

Together we can explore, understand and find new ways to overcome problems. Our coaching relationship helps to train your mind, like a gym work-out so that old habits or ways of thinking turn into new perspectives, opportunities, ideas and benefits. I call this the nurturing and accountability process – where coaching can empower you by showing you how the mind can become a tool for positive change, healing and happiness.

My personal story is about change and how to embrace change –the highs and the lows. I want to help YOU to do the same. Personal development coaching focuses on the core of what you want to change, would like to do more of, be more of and feel more of.

If this resonates, then please read more about my way of working and how this can benefit you. I look forward to us working together.